Fallout 3 Companion Stickers

As always for more complete updates please visit my facebook page. I created some stickers to take to some up and coming art conventions. These are for fallout three, however, I am hoping to do some for New Vegas and Fallout 4. They’re vinyl so you’re favorite companion can go with you on your car, Read More …

SS Kaizokucon

Well hello! It’s been a while. I was hired at schoolzone publishing as an animator for their second season of Charlie and Company. It’s kept me rather busy! Still one month to finish everything up. As soon as it’s available I’ll link it here. It is an educational show for children where we follow the Read More …

Site Cleanup

Cleaning up the site a bit right now. Going to add some things, remove others, and switch to a whole new template. I definitely prefer what I have now, it is going to allow me to have featured content, large glamorous slider images and most importantly a much simpler site for guests to navigate.

Business Cards

A couple business card designs, one for myself and one for the amazingly talented Cameo Anderson. You may also want to check out her facebook for more frequent updates. While you’re at it, hit up mine too! What do you think? I welcome any opinions!