Missing in the Museum!

My second installment for My Childs Adventure (.com) is finished!!!


          Finally the three of us at MyChildsAdventure.com (And Groovie) can all sigh in relief. Our sophmore effort ‘Missing in the Museum’ has been completed and is available for customization and purchase! We’ve all worked hard and are proud to present you with ‘Missing in the Museum.'(MitM)

What is it about?

         This one is a simple tale of a young boy or girl heading with his mom or dad to the Big City Museum. Upon arriving they discover that a model pteradon has been misplaced. The curator, Dr. Art. E Fact, has requested that your child help locate the missing dinosaur. They follow the clue through several exhibits and the employee lounge until they discover the truth behind the missing Pteradon!


The opening scene, your childs house is on the right!
The museum foyer. Your childs first peek inside!
Curator Art E. Fact and your child find the missing Pteradon.

Wanna know more?

             As with Monster Under My Bed MitM
is fully customizable with your childs picture, name, favorite color, and street address. (No city or state, just enough to help them remember it!) It is also available for only 20$ through paypal. Please check out it’s page to see what it’s all about!

Thank you, and we are eager to hear your feedback!

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