Motion Graphics/Video/Flash

Adobe Flash


Character Design, Storyboards & Animation

I had five days to take this from nothing to the completed animation. I think it turned out rather well.
This was created for season 2 of Charlie & Company by Schoolzone Publishing.

Copyright Schoolzone Publishing


A thumbnail link to the Cretaceous CycleMonster Under My Bed

Adobe After Effects & Premiere


Particle Effects 

Unfortunately Schoolzone sent me the unmasked version for my portfolio. (The work was done on site) I will try and get my hands on the final version.
I used the Particular plugin for Adobe After Effects to create the magic that follows the puzzle piece.

Everything but the music, graciously provided by

This is a book trailer for my sister and I’s first coloring book. Wytheria Studios is our LLC. If you’re interested in purchasing the coloring book (It turned out really great!)
you can purchase it through Create Space (Preferred, and part of amazon) or Amazons regular website.