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I am almost exclusively a commissioned artist. This means I focus on creating specific one of a kind works at the request of a client (I paint what you want).  If you’d like like me to paint for you, please send me an email.


Circle icon with paint brush.How To Order Art

*EMAIL ME – – Send photos and tell me about the painting you want
*PAYMENT – I take paypal and can also accept most cards. I will invoice you (your email)
*PAINTING – I will start painting when I have payment. A painting takes 1-3 weeks to finish.
*APPROVAL – I will not ship the portrait until you have approved it.
*SHIPPING – Once the balance is paid (if you paid only a deposit) I will ship the portrait. It will be insured to cover loss and damage.


To Get Best Results:

Circle icon with paint brush. How To Get The Best Portrait Possible

Reference images – Don’t have to be high res, but should be clear. If accuracy is important clear photos are essential. Especially with humans. If you have a good photo of your pet, but the ear is cropped out or the tail, or some little thing, I can probably paint that without seeing it. But don’t count on it for humans, since they are far more particular than pets about their likenesses.

Please tell me about special traits of the subject being painted that you want to be sure are included. For pets, things like: missing chip out of ear, fleck by the nose I may not notice, whether or not you want collars that appear in photos to be painted, and make sure you tell me eye colors if they are not clear in the photos.

For humans: Hobbies, interests, favorite colors (or colors you want to see in the painting if you are trying to match it to a specific space where it will hang). Piercings, birthmarks, freckles, wrinkles (if you have specific wishes in regards to these things, otherwise I’ll paint what I see). Also, be specific about eye color. Especially since many every day photos (likely to be used as references) don’t show eye color clearly. If I can’t see it, I can’t paint it is a good rule to go by. May not always be true, but it certainly helps.

Keep it personal – Tell me about the subject I’m painting. It helps me make the work more personal. Does your kitty love to stretch out in the sun for hours but only on his left side? Does your grandmother always have a book in her lap? Is your dog’s default expression a lopsided smile with one ear up and one down? Does he squint one eye more than the other? Sometimes I can see something in the photo, but it is a fluke or not normally how the subject poses so be sure to tell me if you notice something you do or do not want included.


Group of happy Cameo Anderson Clients

Grouping of photos sent to me by happy clients. This one features people and pet portraits on canvas.

A grouping of throw blankets and one oversized canvas with Cameo Anderson Pet Portraits on them.

Another grouping of client photos. This one features two throws with Cameo paintings put on them and one large sized canvas nicely placed and nicely lit in the bedroom.