Circle icon with paint brush.About Commissioning Art:
Owning a commissioned work of art is a luxury. You are initiating the creation of a treasure specific and exclusive to you. You are not making a purchase, you are participating in an experience.
When you commission an artist, you are not simply getting a job done, but ordering up a piece of their soul – the culmination of the artists’ life experiences up to this point – in combination with your own to form an emotional amalgam that neither you nor the artist could ever reproduce on their own.
Artist Statement:
My work is best described as visual poetry about my deep love for all things wild and alive. I paint fully realized souls and present them in a way that can be believed and understood by anyone who takes a moment to look. Be prepared to feel another presence in the room should you choose to purchase and hang one of my creations.

What makes my work unique?

What makes my work unique?:

I hide hidden words and objects in all of my paintings. Every single one of them has an airplane hidden in them because flying is my oldest love and my favorite dream. It is a little part of my “signature” and very important to me. They are made to not be noticed unless you are searching carefully for them, so that they don’t distract from the art. I have a group of people who search every picture I share on social media to find my hidden jets. That is by no means all I hide in my images. But I’m not spoiling the rest.

A graphic showing where Cameo hid some messages and images in pet portrait paintings.

Cameo hides little objects and words inside every one of every painting.