How I paint

I am a digital illustrator. My materials are an electronic tablet and stylus from Wacom that sits on my lap just as a real sketchbook would while I draw on it. It is connected to the computer and my brush strokes appear on the screen in front of me.

I start by sketching the subject(s). After I have a sketch I like, I begin to color the picture. I do not stick very carefully to the sketch. I am very free with my strokes and I go with my heart rather than my mind while I am painting.

The longest part of the process is adding detail. I paint a lot of fur individually. I like to make sure the whiskers shine, and there is proper texture to the nose, lips and tongue. I often hide things in my art (secret words and images). Most of them go unnoticed but I have a number of fans who study every painting I do to find a special hidden object. It is part of the signature that makes my work unique.


This graphic shows step by step how Cameo Anderson paints portraits.

This graphic shows the steps I go through for each painting.