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The Sibe Vibe Radio Show
The Sibe Vibe is hosted by Dorothy Wills-Raftery and focuses on topics relating to snow dogs (mushing, snow dog art, snow dog training, diet advice and other fun stuff).

Sibe Vibe Radio Interview:

>>>Chicago, IL, El Train Paintings

For a time I lived in Chicago. While there, my work was featured in the Chicago Tribune. These works were paintings of the Elevated Trains (El, CTA) by columnist Kyra Kyles. I still think the trains are awesome. I couldn’t really tell you why. I mean, they’re just moving metal boxes. I love that they look clunky and old… like they have a story to tell and nothing to prove. They look like the rest of Chicago, and I mean this to be complimentary, but they are old, industrial, boxy and worn. The trains, along with the old stations and many many of the old buildings, are just loaded with old school character and history.

Chicago Tribune Article