Why do you need a Cameo Anderson pet portrait?


1. A painting by Cameo shows others how much you love your pet
2. A painting by Cameo reminds you how much you love(d) your pet
3. A painting by Cameo keeps the happy memory of your pet alive long after your pet has gone
4. A painting by Cameo can be used as proof of ownership if your pet is ever lost/stolen (Mine, especially, as I specialize in extreme detail and realism)
5. A painting is by Cameo mood enhancing โ€“ especially if the subject is someone you love. Look at yours and smile.
6. A painting by Cameo adds just one more special connection to the relationship you have with your pet
7. A painting by Cameo given as a gift adds a special connection to the relationship between you and someone you care about.
8. A painting by Cameo is a wonderful addition to home decor. Enhance your office, too. You have total control of the colors used in the piece so that it will match whatever special place you have set aside for a piece of fine art.
9. A painting is a luxury and owning commissioned painting is not something everyone can do. Stand out among your friends with your own original work of art!
10. A painting can honor a deserving soul. Pets often (especially those who were rescues) save the lives of the humans who adopt them in one way or another. Artwork is a wonderful homage to greatness.
11. Show your pet your love โ€“ my cats are particularly interested in the murals I have painted around the house. They often sit and watch me paint the walls. Animals do notice art. Of course, they are like people, and have varying levels of interest and understanding but Iโ€™m just confident theyโ€™d ask you for a Cameo if they could!

Commissioning and owning a piece of fine art is a fun, one of a kind experience that not everyone can enjoy. Whether you order or not, I appreciate your visit to my online gallery. Feel free to stop by and enjoy my work anytime. Kind words mean a great deal to an artist. Continue reading


New Address
This site is now www.sporepalace.com! This will make it easier for everyone to find my blog.

New Facebook Page

I have finally setup a professional facebook page. This will feature my pet portrait paintings and animal rescue work as well as illustrations, personal projects, art just for fun, and whatever else I might not put up on my sci-fi focused blog.
A very old image of Bucky O'Hare I did before I could draw.
P.S. : I currently have 5 pieces of written work awaiting results (some contests, some professional submissions, all science fiction).

Poison Ivy

What Have I been up to? Well, the following are some of the highlights:

I completed a logo for an elementary school in New Jersey. I may be doing a Skype session with the kids at an assembly to talk about it (I don’t know if I’ll be talking about art in general or how I designed their mascot – we’ll see what they ask me, I guess!).

I entered 3 short stories into the American Short Fiction contest. Each story was under 1,000 words (I think the shortest was 400 words total). The first one is about tradition and has a surprising, slightly creepy ending. The second, my science fiction entry, is a speculative piece on commercialism, lazy teenagers and the next step in technological evolution. This story is unique in that it only contains dialog: there is not a single line of narrative. The third story is more of a fantasy piece about the surprising things children can inherit from parents. You may thing twice about getting tattoos. ๐Ÿ™‚

I have an article about finding your inner child and the benefits of doing so currently submitted to Slate and Style. I used to subscribe to this magazine and I think there’s something extra special about being published in publications that hold a personal interest to an author ๐Ÿ™‚ I also have a short piece, The Change, submitted to East Of The Web, an online collection of short stories.

My sister has created a piece of wearable art I will be modeling (only because she’s my sister) at an upcoming art show. It’s made of recycled materials (as that is the theme of this particular show) and is a comment on the media’s effect on a person. See pictures and info here: Desiree Joy: Visual Artist/Animator

A good friend of mine, JJ, Graduated with a BA, got some book cover jobs, set up an unreal tournament server – oh yeah, and I got poison ivy rash. o.o

Mister Twister - Designed by me for DAC



Here is a book cover candidate for Anna’s story. There are some things I really like, such as how much you can learn about the characters from this image. There are some things I don’t like, the weathersphere isn’t exactly how I picture it and Raigma is a little too messy looking in the full view. Mostly, however, this image is a win for me adn I am proud to present it to you. It represents 10 hours of work with photoshop 7 and wacom intuos2 tablet and pen.

Anna McKenna, Bailey Jacobs, Raigma.

Space… and stuff.

I just love space. That’s just how I roll. If you like space, too, then you should check out GunMetalBlack. There you’ll find a collection of short stories told from a man’s perspective with lots of girls and fighting. While my favorite of his work is one of his more emotional pieces, there’s still a lot for a guy to appreciate!

“Just A Girl” is a story about a jaz singer who was reanimated by a bunch of mini cyber bugs during an attack on her homeworld that killed the rest of her species. I won’t spoil anything else, but, it’s awesome.

I’ve followed his work for years and from time to time I like to illustrate his work. This one, a character named Kali, is from an as-yet unwritten piece in that universe. Space, guns, girls, ships and awesome. Check him out here:


Kali, pictured below, took me 2 hours to paint in photoshop7 with a wacom intuos2.
Kali kicks some butt!

Space PuffBall

I just read “The Three Descents of Jeremy Baker”, a short story by Roger Zelazny and loved every bit of it. Therein is featured an energy creature with such a delightful, charming disposition that I read the story 3 times in a row just for the chance to have its company. It’s a hard SF short story dealing with the physics of time travel and black holes. I recommend it. This writer is getting closer to my style (I have a character something like Nik who appears in Anna’s later novels).

On another note, I plan to begin work on a web comic with a friend of mine, Ben. It will feature creatures from an alternate dimension. The story is going to be fun and casual with a balance of scientific speculation and silly explanations for life’s little idiosyncrasies.

I doodled this for a contest some time ago. She kind of looks like a trashy version of Anna, my main character!

Wild Words

Wild Wolf LLC now sells “Heart of Metal” in their online store. Sean, the dude who runs the joint, is awesome. Check out WW’s line of independent, hand drawn comics for unusual stories like vampires and Nazis.
Wild Wolf

I added more artwork to the art shop. I’m including works of art done by my sister, Desiree, as well. Feel free to stop in and have a look at our husky and monster items. More to come!

Fellow Writer, Lissa Bilyk, will be showing off the illustration I painted of her character, Tina Storm, on her blog shortly. Go and check her out here:

Lissa Writes

Woos and Words

Art Shop
I started an art shop in order to use my illustration skills to further contribute to Hero’s medical care. However, I didn’t read the fine print and it turns out I can’t withdraw money for 30 days AFTER purchases were made.

Therefore, I will re-purpose the shop to sell fun stuff designed by my sister and I that we think people might enjoy having. However, if you buy anything that has the image of Hero on it we will donate all proceeds from those specific items to his shelter.


Hero Update
Hero has undergone surgery. He still needs $1,700 to pay down his bills. For more information you can investigate the below links to blogs and shelters involved in his rescue.

Five Sibes
Siberian Nation
Allie’s Rescue Angels(shelter caring for Hero)

Science Fiction
So why am I writing so much about dogs and charity when the goal and focus of this blog/site is science fiction? Well, for one, it’s not entirely about science fiction. It is also about character development, illustration and just a little about me. Apparently people like to know a little bit about writers who’s work they read.

I am very interested in animals and Hero is my first official attempt to involve myself actively in a rescue. In support of this interest the third book in Anna’s series features (without spoiling anything) a little drama about a sport similar to dog fighting and how it affects those involved.

A Hero for Hero

(UPDATE – WE have raised $400 for Hero in the first 24 hours! Amazing)
In an effort to find and collect Heroes to support a very unfortunate little husky, I have painted a poster that will be customized and numbered and sold strictly for his benefit. On day one we have sold 9 (under 12 hours) so that means we have made $225 in 12 hours for Hero’s medical bills. I am proud of everyone who gave of their money to help this pup. Details follow:

Hero was abandoned at a shelter when he was only 3 days old. He has been diagnosed with Epilepsy. He will have a lot of medical bills. I’m told it will take the sale of 24 posters to cover his MRI. See Allie’s Rescue Angels on facebook for more details on Hero.

Help Hero Now!

Hero The Husky Puppy!

Character Worksheets

I aspire to inspire! I want to make this place a useful resource for anyone interested in character design for art and/or writing. I have added a bunch of character worksheets to the site. If you’ve filled out every sheet and still don’t have a nice round character, you’ve done something wrong! Go, check them out. They are filed under Grow Your Own Character > Worksheets.ย  Happy creating!