Here is a book cover candidate for Anna’s story. There are some things I really like, such as how much you can learn about the characters from this image. There are some things I don’t like, the weathersphere isn’t exactly how I picture it and Raigma is a little too messy looking in the full view. Mostly, however, this image is a win for me adn I am proud to present it to you. It represents 10 hours of work with photoshop 7 and wacom intuos2 tablet and pen.

Anna McKenna, Bailey Jacobs, Raigma.

Space… and stuff.

I just love space. That’s just how I roll. If you like space, too, then you should check out GunMetalBlack. There you’ll find a collection of short stories told from a man’s perspective with lots of girls and fighting. While my favorite of his work is one of his more emotional pieces, there’s still a lot for a guy to appreciate!

“Just A Girl” is a story about a jaz singer who was reanimated by a bunch of mini cyber bugs during an attack on her homeworld that killed the rest of her species. I won’t spoil anything else, but, it’s awesome.

I’ve followed his work for years and from time to time I like to illustrate his work. This one, a character named Kali, is from an as-yet unwritten piece in that universe. Space, guns, girls, ships and awesome. Check him out here:


Kali, pictured below, took me 2 hours to paint in photoshop7 with a wacom intuos2.
Kali kicks some butt!