Give to fill your heart, not your pocket book.

Donating art to charity is argued about regularly by artists of all kinds. I can tell you that, as an artist who has donated over 100 works to charity, you should donate art because you want to benefit the cause. Don’t do it to get a profit or exposure. In most cases, it doesn’t bring a lot of new eyes to my work and I don’t make any profit. It costs me nothing but time, though, and I can help more animals find homes, get medical help and other care, that I never could have done if I only donated cash.

That said, my first artwork donation to Hero the Husky launched my entire pet portrait career. I had one really big win. But I can’t predict where another artist might find an opportunity like that. If you’re going to give your time and talent to a cause, do it out of the goodness of your heart and let your support and love be it’s own reward. If you get more “likes” on your facebook page, a commission or two, or some publicity for your work than consider it a nice bonus. This, of course, is just my opinion. I’m going to keep giving as long as I have time and resources to do so because with a few brush strokes I can fill an empty food bowl and that makes me feel great. Chow down, shelter dogs!


A husky sits alone outside with big sad blue eyes.

This snow dog wants you to know that purebreds and puppies are adoptable, not just mutts. Adopt. Don't shop.


Flighty Artist

It’s no secret that I like things that fly. This painting of a falconer and her bird is one of my favorite pieces. It probably took longer than almost any of my other works to complete because I had not painted a falcon prior to this. I had to study a lot of images. Falcon and Falconer - a formal painting

A young falconer and her bird explore an ancient sport

The New Cameo Anderson Website

I am updating this blog (which I originally focused on character development for writers and artists as it relates to science fiction), to become the all-around go-to place for buying my artwork.

You will find information on how to order:
Pet Portraits
Character Designs
(People portrait section coming soon)



Here is a book cover candidate for Anna’s story. There are some things I really like, such as how much you can learn about the characters from this image. There are some things I don’t like, the weathersphere isn’t exactly how I picture it and Raigma is a little too messy looking in the full view. Mostly, however, this image is a win for me adn I am proud to present it to you. It represents 10 hours of work with photoshop 7 and wacom intuos2 tablet and pen.

Anna McKenna, Bailey Jacobs, Raigma.

Space… and stuff.

I just love space. That’s just how I roll. If you like space, too, then you should check out GunMetalBlack. There you’ll find a collection of short stories told from a man’s perspective with lots of girls and fighting. While my favorite of his work is one of his more emotional pieces, there’s still a lot for a guy to appreciate!

“Just A Girl” is a story about a jaz singer who was reanimated by a bunch of mini cyber bugs during an attack on her homeworld that killed the rest of her species. I won’t spoil anything else, but, it’s awesome.

I’ve followed his work for years and from time to time I like to illustrate his work. This one, a character named Kali, is from an as-yet unwritten piece in that universe. Space, guns, girls, ships and awesome. Check him out here:


Kali, pictured below, took me 2 hours to paint in photoshop7 with a wacom intuos2.
Kali kicks some butt!