Baby Mamma…

The Baby Mama

So I’ve noticed that in this modern day and age, young girls are being referred to as “Baby Mamas” rather than “Girlfriends” or “Wives”. As the casual, unconnected label implies, this leaves a lot of want in a relationship. Oftentimes men will have one “best girl” with whom they make children. They call her their “Baby Mama” but have others on the side. This, to me, is tragic and inspired this lyrical piece:

Image drawn by Desiree Joy (my sister) and colored by yours truely.

The Baby Mamma

The baby mama lives in drama,
Cries and lies and little lives.
Silky milk within her skin,
Dimes and diapers – fight again.
She tells herself she’s tired of men-
Only lonely, lost and hurt for friends,
Her quest for solace never ends-
The lines, the hurt that never mends.
She pays her bills and fills her cart
As desperation fills her heart-
Until the day she finally may
Stand on her own, alone and strong
And learn to sing the singles’ song.

Wild Words

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Wild Wolf

I added more artwork to the art shop. I’m including works of art done by my sister, Desiree, as well. Feel free to stop in and have a look at our husky and monster items. More to come!

Fellow Writer, Lissa Bilyk, will be showing off the illustration I painted of her character, Tina Storm, on her blog shortly. Go and check her out here:

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