Poison Ivy

What Have I been up to? Well, the following are some of the highlights:

I completed a logo for an elementary school in New Jersey. I may be doing a Skype session with the kids at an assembly to talk about it (I don’t know if I’ll be talking about art in general or how I designed their mascot – we’ll see what they ask me, I guess!).

I entered 3 short stories into the American Short Fiction contest. Each story was under 1,000 words (I think the shortest was 400 words total). The first one is about tradition and has a surprising, slightly creepy ending. The second, my science fiction entry, is a speculative piece on commercialism, lazy teenagers and the next step in technological evolution. This story is unique in that it only contains dialog: there is not a single line of narrative. The third story is more of a fantasy piece about the surprising things children can inherit from parents. You may thing twice about getting tattoos. 🙂

I have an article about finding your inner child and the benefits of doing so currently submitted to Slate and Style. I used to subscribe to this magazine and I think there’s something extra special about being published in publications that hold a personal interest to an author 🙂 I also have a short piece, The Change, submitted to East Of The Web, an online collection of short stories.

My sister has created a piece of wearable art I will be modeling (only because she’s my sister) at an upcoming art show. It’s made of recycled materials (as that is the theme of this particular show) and is a comment on the media’s effect on a person. See pictures and info here: Desiree Joy: Visual Artist/Animator

A good friend of mine, JJ, Graduated with a BA, got some book cover jobs, set up an unreal tournament server – oh yeah, and I got poison ivy rash. o.o

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