Idiosyncrasies or Idiocies?

So you want a unique character but you’re having a hard time figuring out how to design it because everything’s been done? What can you do to make your characters stand out? This one is taking on a new meaning when it comes to designing Scene Dogs (google them to see what I mean but I will show some modest examples here of some creative new characters).

Scene Dog Character Set (c)
Colorful Scene Dogs illustrate outlandish character traits

Some have chosen to invent new eye colors, hair colors & skin colors. Others have chosen to use piercings, sparkles, tats, deformities, outlandish costumes or new twists on old favorites (like wings on the head instead of on the back because now wings on your back are boring). Since every conceivable eye color and bi-eyed combination has been thought up and used, we now have artists doing characters with eyes that are three different colors at once!

Sometimes, this stuff is realistic. I myself have one green eye and one gray/blue eye where you can’t even see the pupil really.

So how far is too far? That’s something each artist has to decide for themselves. It depends on who and what you’re designing the character for. If you just want something cute to stick on your online art gallery, well, there really are no limits. If you want your character to appear in a serious series then you might not want neon pink eyes and a bionic ear – or maybe you would! 🙂

If you’re giving your character weird parts and eye colors just because you want to give them weird parts and eye colors or only becuase you want to make sure him/her is original, you may want to think a little bit more before you make a final decision. But, if your character’s outlandish colors/exaggerated traits/bionic parts serve an important purpose to the story then you might be on the right track.