Why do you need a Cameo Anderson pet portrait?


1. A painting by Cameo shows others how much you love your pet
2. A painting by Cameo reminds you how much you love(d) your pet
3. A painting by Cameo keeps the happy memory of your pet alive long after your pet has gone
4. A painting by Cameo can be used as proof of ownership if your pet is ever lost/stolen (Mine, especially, as I specialize in extreme detail and realism)
5. A painting is by Cameo mood enhancing – especially if the subject is someone you love. Look at yours and smile.
6. A painting by Cameo adds just one more special connection to the relationship you have with your pet
7. A painting by Cameo given as a gift adds a special connection to the relationship between you and someone you care about.
8. A painting by Cameo is a wonderful addition to home decor. Enhance your office, too. You have total control of the colors used in the piece so that it will match whatever special place you have set aside for a piece of fine art.
9. A painting is a luxury and owning commissioned painting is not something everyone can do. Stand out among your friends with your own original work of art!
10. A painting can honor a deserving soul. Pets often (especially those who were rescues) save the lives of the humans who adopt them in one way or another. Artwork is a wonderful homage to greatness.
11. Show your pet your love – my cats are particularly interested in the murals I have painted around the house. They often sit and watch me paint the walls. Animals do notice art. Of course, they are like people, and have varying levels of interest and understanding but I’m just confident they’d ask you for a Cameo if they could!

Commissioning and owning a piece of fine art is a fun, one of a kind experience that not everyone can enjoy. Whether you order or not, I appreciate your visit to my online gallery. Feel free to stop by and enjoy my work anytime. Kind words mean a great deal to an artist.