What you didn’t see.

This little nugget did not make it into my book after reconsidering it, re-writing it and re-thinking it several times. The tone just wasn’t appropriate in the end (just a little too silly I think). Still, it’s interesting enough to stick up here to amuse passers-by.

I don’t know how many writers display their rough work. I’ve always had a hard time showing sketches or works in progress. In an effort to help me get over that, I present this in its imperfection for you’re entertainment.

“It was just short of fall, but a couple of dried leaves chased each other down the street anxious for the start of their season. The sun was also feeling the end of summer, but was not so excited about it. It was keeping itself busy trying to dish out a few last minute burns to unsuspecting townsfolk before the start of long sleeve season. Down the block from the leaves but not out of the sun’s site, a scruffy looking mutt was watering a fire hydrant, while some lethargic bees explored the inner cavities of a coral colored hibiscus blossom.”