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There is a myth, a grand fairy tale that an artist is gifted with a special talent – they only need to discover it. It is imagined that at some point during conception, the creator weaves within the DNA the artist some quantity of magic fiber, or that a muse was provided to help them distill their imaginings into something tangible that can be experienced by those who were not so blessed.

However, I can tell you with certainty that I was not born with paint in my veins. I worked with diligence to become the artist that I am now. There were months where I painted for 8 hours a day, 7 days a week, studying intensely the art of color, light, structure, and appeal. I chose to forego a variety of social situations in order to pursue this art. I would not describe my art as a talent, but as a skill that I have purposely honed. My art is good because I wanted it to be. Because I chose this for myself and I made a very specific effort to meet my end goal. I believe that anyone who would like to pursue art can and should do so.

There are some things I was blessed with: access to materials and a supportive and encouraging family. Even without those things, if you chose, you can create at the level you are willing to work to achieve. All you need to do is desire it and put fourth an honest effort. True, art may come more naturally to some than to others, but a racer with a head start does not always win.

How do I know anyone can be an artist? I was born with clouds in my eyes. Only one of my eyes was able to be corrected through surgery. Even so, it only works to the level where it is classified as “legally blind”. The other eye, cloudy in appearance, also sees only clouds and light. This has in no way inhibited my dreams of becoming an artist. I don’t paint “in spite” of my “disabilty”. Maybe I paint because of it. I’d like to be a demonstration that no dream is too big. I have proven I can do what those with normal site can do, and do it with one eye tied behind my back.

(See my entry for the blog “Art Shake”, linked below, for more information on an artists’ talent)

My Magic
My Magic

Physical Description:
I am 5 foot and two inches tall. My left eye is green and my right eye resembles that which is described in Edgar Allen Poe’s “Tell Tale Heart” as “a pale blue eye, with a film over it.” This is an honor and a privilege, as Poe is an awesome writer and that specific story is my favorite of his works.

Artistic Distinction:

What makes my work unique?

I hide hidden words and objects in all of my paintings. Every single one of them has an airplane hidden in them because flying is my oldest love and my favorite dream. It is a little part of my “signature” and very important to me. They are made to not be noticed unless you are searching carefully for them, so that they don’t distract from the art. I have a group of people who search every picture I share on social media to find my hidden jets. That is by no means all I hide in my images. But I’m not spoiling the rest.


My first short story, “In Memory of Margarette Finch”, was published on April 14th, 2014.

I have raised thousands of dollars through auctioning my paintings for animal rescues around the globe. Over the last 4 years at least 20 rescues have benefited from my work. Hundreds of animals were fed and cared for directly resulting from sales of my work.

I have produced 2 coloring books and have several more in the works.

Both my sister and I have volunteered our time to teach an art class at our local Hope Community Center which focuses on providing enrichment for those with disabilities.

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