Learn To Draw

This page will focus on the educational side of art as it relates to character design. We’ll cover how various elements such as posing, environment, costuming, expression (and the like) that should be considered when designing a character.

If you don’t draw at all, start here:

1. Get a small sketchbook. Take it everywhere you go.
2. Draw in this sketchbook at least 15 minutes every day.
3. The more time you give to drawing, the faster you will improve.
4. Anyone can be a good artist. You have to commit yourself!
5. Draw anything you see – not just what you are interested in.
6. Look at other artists’ work for inspiration
7. Tracing is totally okay. It will help you learn. Just don’t call it your own work.
8. Don’t ask people for critiques who you know will discourage you.
9. Don’t give up. Getting good will take time. You have 1,000 bad drawings in your system. You have to get through all of those before you become awesome.
10. Check out art books and actually read through them.
11. Experiment with different mediums. You might be lousy with colored pencils but find you’re a regular Monet when you get your hands on a paint brush.
12. Find artists who’s work you admire – those who can do the type of work (in the style) that you’d like to do. Then look to see if they have any advice or tutorials available. Many of them do! They will also show speedpaints, which are like time-lapse photo slide-shows of a painting from start to finish so you can see exactly how they do what they do.
13. NEVER GIVE UP. All it takes to be a good artist is desire and commitment. Can’t even draw a stick man? That’s totally cool. You’ll be able to blow stick men out of the water as long as you believe in yourself. Think I’m kidding? I was nothing special until my family and friends started telling me I was. Their belief gave me belief and I became the artist everyone thought I was.
14. If you find that you’re not putting in enough time without a schedule, then please set aside a regular block of time every single day to devote to your skills. If you’re serious about art, treat it that way. Don’t get distracted, skip a day of practice, or put it off. Just do it.