Order Art

Before commissioning a painting, think about the type of portrait you want. Face only? Head and shoulders? Full body? How many pets? Do you have a favorite photo you’d like me to work from? What colors would you like to see in the background? Consider the size you’ll want. If you want to read more about what kind of photos work best for a pet portrait, read the page “Photo References”

Step One: Send email with your photographs and instructions to cameoanderson@gmail.com. Be clear about what you want to see and what you don’t want to see. (particularly in regards to background colors and pet collars that might appear in photographs) If this is your first time commissioning me, please wait for me to respond and approve the project before you send payment.

For best results send at least 2 pictures of your pet. Markings and personality should be clearly visible. Details will help ensure you get an accurate representation of your best friend. I need to know eye color and distinguishing physical characteristics (does his tongue always hang out the left side of his mouth – even when it’s closed?). Send me a write up with your pet’s personality, favorite activities and how he or she usually spends their day. This will help me choose a pose appropriate to personality. Note that I can work from a single good photo and no text but to really have it personalized please provide as many details as you can!

If you have questions, you are welcome to ask them. I am also on facebook. See my artist page here: Cameo Anderson

Step Two: Send payment. I take paypal (www.paypal.com) or credit card (paypal processes those for me). They keep your card information safe and I do not have any contact with it. The email you should send the payment to is cameoanderson@gmail.com (The same email you sent your pictures and instructions to). If you are paying by credit card, I will send you an invoice first. I am also working on options for people who want to barter. Why? Because it’s fun, interesting, and there are many people who have skills and resources but not the cash for art. Barter is an ancient tradition as old as the human race and I have deeply enjoyed the trading experiences I have already had.

Step Three: Wait! If I have questions, I will contact you. If you’ve made your wishes clear and the photographs are good, I won’t contact you again until the painting is finished. I will then send you a preview image to review and approve. If you like it, I will then ship it out. Price includes shipping in 48 USA states.

How do I order? Contact me via email: cameoanderson@gmail.com.

Shiloh Hatch was part of the “Gone To The Snow Dogs” Siberian Husky Youtube Show. When she passed away, she was missed by many fans. This portrait captures her spirit the way I saw it through her videos. It is an 8×10 rolled canvas.