My Promise

When you hire me to paint for you, it will result an something unique and beautiful that you can cherish for a lifetime.

If you are not absolutely sure I can paint what you plan to order, you can ask. Look through my portfolio to see if I’ve done anything like what you are looking for before. Please don’t feel uncomfortable talking to me about your expectations. Be specific. Especially if you have a very particular look you want for your painting. Do not be shy about it. Too much detail is better than not enough.

If for any reason you and I are not 100% certain we can work with each other, there is no obligation to go forward with a commission. I will be happy to help you find the right artist for your commission. This is not a competition. We are a supportive community and it is important that the artist and the client are well matched.

When you decide to go ahead and hire me, it is better to be clear about what you want (don’t assume anything) than to spend time editing the painting later. I will show you the painting before it is shipped for you to approve. At that time, you are welcome to request edits/changes if they are needed. Please be prompt when requesting changes (within a week of the painting’s completion). Be as specific as possible when you request edits.

The deposit is non-refundable (50% up front fee). Once you receive the painting, there will be no refunds at all with exception of paintings arriving damaged. They will be shipped with insurance which will cover any damage if there is any. Paintings are not shipped until they are approved by the client to prevent any claims on the quality of work. I cannot offer full refunds because I cannot get the hours, energy, or the love back that I spend on each painting. You are not purchasing a new gadget from Amazon. I cannot re-sell your painting to anyone else, as it is something special and particular to you.

When you buy a painting from me, you are buying years worth of practice, experimentation, study, frustration, and joy. You are buying a piece of my heart. A piece of my soul. A piece of my life. You are buying me more time to do a thing I love.

You are also allowing me to donate more of my time and work to animal rescues which in turn saves many lives. To see a list of rescues and animal non-profits to whom I have donated commissions, see the “About Me” links.

Memorial paintings are a nice way to honor a lost companion. This one had the feel of a traveler who knows he never really walks alone. This painting features my classic snow dog style and was good fun to work on.