Painted Portraits

My (mostly) formal pet portraiture is recognizable by detail and realism as well as the textured backgrounds. Most importantly, however, is the emphasis on the “who” of the pet(s) featured in the painting. I put careful work into the eyes of every life I paint on my canvas. I also focus on the lighting in each piece. My goal with each painting is that it should glow with life and light.

Formal Pet Portrait Paintings:
A beautiful husky I was privileged to paint

Fun/silly Pet Portrait Paintings

Full Body/Multiple pets/Backgrounds:

Pet And Guardian Paintings

Special-Unusual Pet Portraits

I love to paint the unusual animal companions as much (maybe more) than a typical house pet. The tri-color below is Hanna. Hanna lost her nose to cancer. She licked the place where it was often, so that fur was usually wet.