Photo References

Most of my business comes to me through the internet. This means I rarely see the subject I’m painting live and in person. It also means I am very good at working from photographs. The quality of the photos you send me is still an important consideration! If you want me to paint your pet’s full body, I need to have pictures that show me the full body. If you have a favorite picture, feel free to send it. If you have enough good photo references, I can paint your pet in a different pose. This does take quite a bit longer (as it requires more skills), but I am willing to do this for no additional fee as long as you’ve got good photos.

Here are some quick tips to help you choose images:

I’ve got a lot more experience as an artist now than what I had when I started out. I used to require high res images (none from phones/facebook/old cameras/crappy lighting) but I can figure out a lot more for myself. If you aren’t sure your photos are good enough, please feel free to send some and ask. Chances are good I can paint a good piece of art from an older photo. Especially with pets.

*Outdoor lighting (sunlight) is best
*Clearly see important details (not blurry)
*Choose photos that you feel most accurately show skin tones/hair/fur/eye color
*Good size
*Extra images
*Details/notes on which pictures are your favorite/are most accurate and why (this really helps)

*Hard shadows that hide details (if I can’t see it, I can’t paint it)
*eyes closed (Unless you want me to paint them closed)
*Super tiny thumbnail images (remember, if I can’t see it, I can’t paint it)
*Shines hiding details
*Indoor lighting (where things that are white look orange or yellow-ish
*More than one pet in the picture (Make sure it’s clear which one I’m supposed to paint)