Happy Clients

Client Testimonials & Photographs

Varinia Heidel – Commissioned 3 paintings of dogs (Cedric, Tavi, & Yoster)
“Artist magic! Love him (the portrait of Yoster) and I’m endlessly impressed with the speed of delivery. You are beyond-words-awesome!”

(Emma Coton – Client)
I really love the picture you did of my husky Bella. X it really showed every fine detail that makes her the beautiful dog she is. The background of the northern lights really fitted the breed of dog she is. Thank you.

Cameo Anderson is one of the best. The portrait Cameo did of my 3 dogs standing in a row is so life like. I was so impressed with her work, from just a photo that I sent her by email. I did have one minor change that I asked her to make and she was more than happy to do it for me and in no time at all I had a perfect portrait of my 3 huskies, Nanuk, Tasha and Kodi. Many of my friends have had their pet done by her and all are 100% satisfied. I highly recommend Cameo Anderson if you would like a portrait of your loving fur friend.

(Avid Follower)
“The Mistress of Light… I could talk all day about your pieces. Here.. let me boost your adorable ego haha.. seriously…. I’m amazed that your approach is both minimalist and yet so well crafted that the reflective light and cast shadows are alive. They look photographic on 1st look and up close it’s like spotting fine jewels. Your sense of light is….. lol, for lack of a better word, delicious!”